5 amazing Oscar Awards facts not many people know – we bet you will be mindblown!

The Academy Awards (Oscars) is often regarded as the most esteemed and reputable distinctions in the entertainment industry world over. Ever since its debut in 1929, the gala event is celebrated in a grand manner being televised around the globe, with fans of cinema witnessing great works of film-making being honored. With the 95th Academy Awards right around the corner and set to take place on March 12, we look at a few mind-blowing facts about the Oscars.

The Oscar Award trophy was originally called the Academy Award of Merit. Nobody knows exactly why it’s called as an Oscar. However, it’s claimed that a librarian, who later became an executive director for The Academy, had noted a resemblance between the statuette and her uncle named Oscar. The award wasn’t called Oscar officially until 1939.

The first Academy Awards event was held in 1929 at a private dinner with about 270 guests. The first ceremony to be televised was in 1953. Nowadays, the Oscars are watched in more than 200 countries.

The LA Times broke the Academy’s embargo in 1940 and published all the Oscar winners’ names before the ceremony was held. The Academy then introduced the sealed envelope as a custom to be followed and continues to be practiced as a tradition to this day.

Painted plaster was used to make the Oscar statuettes for three years during World War II due to metal shortages.

Oscar winners don’t get to own their statues. Well, not immediately after winning though. The winner will be required to sign an agreement stating that in the event of wanting to sell the statuettes, they must be offered first to the Academy for $1. They will not be allowed to keep their trophy if they were to refuse.


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