Top 5 internet service providers in 2023 – the key factors that go into choosing the best of the best ISPs!

The pandemic made it clear that having a quality internet service is not a luxury anymore, but rather a major necessity. A great ISP (internet service provider) is now the standard for anyone working from home and for offices to enable you with the best types of internet service for your downloads and uploads in order to avoid unnecessary complications during your Zoom calls and binge-streaming. However, zeroing in on the best internet service provider can sometimes turn out to be a tough decision to make considering the numerous providers are there. Factors like plans, prices, availability across the U.S. and customer reviews as well as support options are being looked at keenly now in 2023 and here are the most notable big players in the ISP business in 2023:


AT&T Internet


Charter Spectrum

Comcast Xfinity

Cox Communications

Google Fiber


T-Mobile Home Internet

Verizon Fios



It can be a bit confusing at times to lock in on that one ISP offering everything as per your needs. Some companies’ promises might not always come off as convincing to many and this can leave you more exasperated. That being said, we have taken into account a few key factors you can take into consideration to choose the best ISP for you.

a) Availability

b) Plans and pricing

c) Speed

d) Offers, discounts and bundles


The next big decision in choosing an internet provider comes down to the type of internet you want for your home. For that, you’ll need to know the types of internet currently in the market:

a) Fiber Internet

The fastest internet type and transfers data at top speeds with fiber optic cables made of tiny glass fibers in 3 different types namely (FTTH or FTTP), fiber to the curb (FTTC) and fiber to the node or neighborhood (FTTN).

b) Cable Internet

The common broadband connection for high-speed internet connection using cable wires to send data. These are also called coaxial cables similar to the ones seen used by television cable companies.

c) Satellite Internet

The apt choice for homes in rural areas and as the name suggests connects with a satellite orbiting around the exosphere, with the signal then providing internet access to your electronic devices.

d) 5G Internet

5G internet is the latest and upgraded version of the 4G internet. It’s speeds are highly-consistent even when there is high data outsourcing during the day. Many internet service providers have begun offering 5G services enabling users to connect wirelessly and without cables, fiber optics and other connections.


AT&T Internet is considered the best overall and is available currently in as many as 21 states, with the average customer rating said to be great and the lowest price plan available starting at $35.00.

T-Mobile Home Internet is leading the way when it comes to the best home internet in America and is available in 49 states, which says quite a lot. The customer ratings are largely positive and the lowest plans start from $50.00.

Comcast Xfinity is carrying highly-favorable reviews from customers and is now available in 40 states, with the plans starting at only $20.00.

Cox Communications has an edge over the rest in terms of the bundles they are offering and the feedback from customers has predominantly been a double thumbs up. Their services are available in 18 states and are priced as low as $29.99.

CenturyLink is the one for all you who are not interested in a long-term deal with an internet provider nor do you have to bother about a cancellation fee to end the contract. Their presence is in 36 states and the lowest plan starts at $50.00.

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