How to connect Smart TV to the internet?

Get smart, get connected!

A 3-step uncomplicated guide to help you connect your Smart TV to the internet so that you can binge on your favorite shows and films on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or any streaming service available in your region in the best way possible.


Smart TVs are compatible with WiFi and usually have a built-in wireless adapter.

If your WiFi signal is weak, place your router in the same room as your TV. This enables a faster connection and everything will play without buffering.


  • No wires
  • Smart TV and router can be placed anywhere in the room
  • Easy set up process
  • Press a few buttons and begin your binge-watch


-> Click the ‘Menu’ button on your TV remote

-> Choose ‘Network Settings’

-> Select ‘Wireless Connection Set up’

-> Pick your network name from the drop-down selection list

-> Use the remote to type your Wi-Fi password


The one optimal option for an effective and steady connection. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your Smart TV directly to the internet. Place your router next to your TV or get a long Ethernet cable. Next, get a powerful router compatible with high internet use when connecting multiple devices for a strong network.


  • Simple set up
  • Plug the Ethernet cable into the TV
  • No buffering
  • Faster than Wi-Fi


-> Find the Ethernet port on your TV

-> Connect Ethernet cable from router to TV port

-> Choose ‘Menu’ on the TV remote

-> Go to ‘Network Settings’

-> Select the ‘Enable wired internet’ option

-> Use the remote and type your Wi-Fi password


It’s not always possible to have your Smart TV and your router in the same room. But, you can still watch your favorite show on streaming even if your TV is in another room.

All you have to do is extend your home network’s reach to allow even and smooth streaming for your TV with a powerline kit, which includes two adapters and two Ethernet cables. Connect the adapters in the power sockets and the router and the internet signal will be transferred down the electricity cables.


  • Connection through thick walls and also if the Smart TV is upstairs
  • Extend internet to all corners of the home
  • Extremely simple set up


-> First powerline adapter must be plugged into a socket in the room where the router is

-> Use Ethernet cable for connecting the adapter and router

-> Second powerline adapter should be plugged into a socket in the room where the TV is

-> Insert Ethernet cable into the TV Ethernet port

-> Connect the Ethernet cable’s other end into the powerline adapter

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