10 most-watched English series of all-time on Netflix (RANKED) – have you binged them yet?

Over the last decade, Netflix has released a great deal of content and the streaming giant has been dominating the space with over million subscribers across the globe. With people from every corner of the world logging in to watch their favorite films and shows either on the go or at their best comforts, the last few years have been a testimony to how popular the streamer has become and it’s popularity is not expected to go down any time soon.

Since last November, Netflix has been posting charts of its most popular shows and movies from the past week, while also giving an insight into the global ranking of its all-time most watched titles on the world’s largest subscription streaming service. These charts get updated every week and are ranked on the basis of the number of hours subscribers spend watching them. Subscribers like us also get a better understanding of the shows and movies that are a hit and miss because of these details published by Netflix, which allows us to discover something new to watch.

Every Tuesday, the streamer updates its “Top 10 on Netflix” based on the hours viewed on their platform from Monday through Sunday the previous week taking into account the original and licensed titles. These are then subsequently split into top 10 charts for films and shows/series in English and non-English languages detailing the most viewing hours in their first 28 days of release. While there are many projects that don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, Netflix sure has hit the bull-eye with their content on several occasions and most notably with a few English series and shows, which have garnered a massive viewership worldwide.

Below is the full list of Netflix’s top 10 English series of all-time to date:

10) GINNY & GEORGIA (SEASON 2) – 504,770,000 hours watched

9) INVENTING ANNA (LIMITED SERIES) – 511,920,000 hours watched

8) THE WITCHER (SEASON 1) – 541,010,000 hours watched

7) LUCIFER (SEASON 5) – 569,480,000 hours watched

6) STRANGER THINGS (SEASON 3) – 582,100,000 hours watched

5) BRIDGERTON (SEASON 1) – 625,490,000 hours watched

4) BRIDGERTON (SEASON 2) – 656,260,000 hours watched

3) DAHMER (LIMITED SERIES) – 856,220,000 hours watched

2) WEDNESDAY (SEASON 1) – 1,237,150,000 hours watched

1) STRANGER THINGS (SEASON 4) – 1,352,090,000 hours watched

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